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Marten W. Davis, SRPA has been Appraising FEMA Properties for Renovation and Additions for 35+ years. During the past 25 years he has specialized in residential appraisals for FEMA Requirements.

Currently Mr. Davis devotes 100% of his time to residential appraisals.

Marten Davis, SRPA serves the Southern Pinellas County Florida Area.

Appraisals are currently prepared for Homeowners and Contractors.

Mr. Davis is a specialist in Jumbo Loan Properties (over $1 Million).

I would be happy to discuss personally, your residential appraisal needs by telephone at 727-385-0732.

We have EDI Electronic Data Transfer Capability.

I can provide personalized, prompt, professional service for your appraisal needs!

Call an EXPERIENCED professional residential appraiser.

Phone Numbers: 727-385-0732 (Cellular)

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